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  1. Marcus

    Update 3

    Fixed issue where you wouldn't be able to purchase car on required level Fixed trading exploit with trading weapons Vehicles are now automatically registered upon purchase Graphical updates in some panels. Police can now taze someone on a skateboard ANPR Fixed AGAIN You are no longer able to pick up a combiner if filter is installed You can no longer pick up a pot if it has something growing in it Fixed some outline issues on some dropped items Police/Mayor/FBI now have to press F4 to access their relevant panels rather than F3. There is now an indicator showing whether or not you are holding your hands up. Phone added. Apps for different things will come a little bit later. Chat scaling changes Fixed exploit with watering can not saving how much water you had left, giving infinite water. The drugdealer no longer moves if you get wanted. The wanted status you get when selling drugs now disappears after 5 minutes. Some annoying notifications related to being warranted has been silenced. Fine tool has been updated with the new laws. Thanks, @Bronson! Added car battery (if electric cars run out of power) Radios can no longer be heard all over the map.
  2. Predator Realm Laws All these laws are enforceable by law enforcement Section 1 - Traffic Speeding A person must not drive a motor vehicle above the speed limit on a public road. Speeding is categorized into three sections: [Level 1] 0-5 above the limit [Level 2] 10-20 above the limit [Level 3] More than 20 over the limit Level 1: $100 fine Level 2: $250 fine / 3 points on the driving license Level 3: $1000 fine / 6 points on the driving license Reckless Driving A person must not drive in a manner on public roads which puts the public at risk through recklessness. $1000 fine / 6 points on the driving license / 2 minutes in prison Failing to stop for a stop sign A person must come to a full stop at a stop sign before preceding while driving a motor vehicle on a public road. $100 fine Failing to stop for a red traffic light A person must stop at a red traffic light until the lights change to green while driving a motor vehicle on a public road. $250 fine Overtaking in an unsafe location A person must not overtake another vehicle while driving a motor vehicle on a public road unless it is safe to do so and the driver has enough visibility ahead. $500 fine Driving without a valid licence A person when driving a vehicle on a public road must have a valid drivers licence and carry it with them. $1000 fine / 3 minutes in prison Failing to provide a driving licence when requested by an LEO A person who has been driving on a public road must present their driving licence upon request from a law enforcement officer. $1500 fine / 5 minutes in prison Driving an unroadworthy vehicle A person’s vehicle must be in a condition that does not cause danger, for example, a blown tyre will have less traction meaning it will take longer to stop which can cause danger and therefore would be classed as unroadworthy. $300 fine / 3 points on the driving licence Fleeing and evading A person when being requested to pull over by a law enforcement officer must pull over at the next safe available location, failure to stop is classed as fleeing and evading. $2500 fine / 6 points on the driving licence / 10 minutes in prison Failing to stop at the scene of a collision A person driving a motor vehicle, once involved in a road traffic collision involving either a pedestrian or vehicle must stop at the scene of the accident to ensure everyone is well and inspect the vehicles damage, failure to stop at the scene of an accident is known as failing to stop at the scene of a collision. $2000 fine / 6 points on the driving licence / 7 minutes in prison Illegal parking A vehicle must be parked in a place marked as a parking zone or car park if a vehicle is not parked in one of these areas it can be towed by a road crew worker. $250 fine / Vehicle removal by roadcrew Driving while banned A person must not drive a vehicle while banned from driving. $1000 fine / 3 minutes in prison Driving an unregistered vehicle A person must register a vehicle after purchasing the vehicle. $1000 fine Section 2 - Illegal substances Classification Level 1 - Cannabis (Weed) Level 2 - Meth Production A person must not produce (grow/make) a level one or level two illegal substance. Level 1: $5000 fine / 13 minutes in prison Level 2: $10,000 fine / 18 minutes in prison Distribution A person must not distribute (sell/give) a level one or level two illegal substance. Level 1: $2500 fine / 7 minutes in prison Level 2: $5000 fine / 10 minutes in prison Possession A person must not have in their possession a level one or level two illegal substance. Level 1: $500 fine / 3 minutes in prison Level 2: $1000 fine / 5 minutes in prison Section 3 - Weapons Classifcation Level 1 - Melee (Bats/Knifes/ect...) Level 2 - Rifles Level 3 - Explosives Unlawful discharge of a firearm A person must not discharge a firearm without a lawful reason. $2500 fine / 4 minutes in prison Production A person must not produce (make) level two, three or four weapons. Level 2: $7500 fine / 15 minutes in prison Level 3: $12,000 fine / 20 minutes in prison Level 4: $15,000 fine / 25 minutes in prison Distribution A person must not distribute (sell/give) level two, three or four weapons. Level 2: $5000 fine / 10 minutes in prison Level 3: $7500 fine / 15 minutes in prison Level 4: $12,000 fine / 20 minutes in prison Possession A person must not possess a level one weapon without lawful excuse and must not possess level two, three or four weapons. Level 1: $2000 fine / 4 minutes in prison Level 2: $3000 fine / 7 minutes in prison Level 3: $5000 fine / 10 minutes in prison Level 4: $7500 fine / 15 minutes in prison Section 4 - Violence Threats of violence A person must not threaten violence to someone else. $200 fine / 2 minutes in prison Threats to kill A person must not threaten murder to someone else. $300 fine / 4 minutes in prison Assault A person must not cause minor injury to another person. $250 fine / 3 minutes in prison Assault with a deadly weapon A person must not cause assault with the use of a level one, two, three or four weapons. $1000 fine / 5 minutes in prison Assault which causes bodily harm A person must not cause significant injury to another person. $2500 fine / 8 minutes in prison Attempted murder A person must not attempt to murder another person. $10,000 fine / 20 minutes in prison Murder A person must not murder another person. $20,000 fine / 30 minutes in prison Section 5 - Property and ownership Theft A person must not take another person’s property and permanently deprive them of said property. $500 fine / 5 minutes in prison Robbery A person must not take another person’s property with the use of force. $2500 fine / 10 minutes in prison Armed robbery A person must not take another person’s property with the use of a level one, two, three or four weapon. $4000 fine / 15 minutes in prison Grand theft auto A person must not steal or attempt to steal a motor vehicle. $3000 fine / 7 minutes in prison Civil trespass A person must not enter private property without the permission of the landowner. $150 fine Criminal trespass A person must not enter restricted areas, areas which are classed as restricted are as follows: Police station Bank $1000 fine / 2 minutes in prison Section 6 - Emergency Services Evading an LEO A person must not escape or attempt to escape the detainment of a law enforcement officer. $500 fine / 1 minute in prison Obstructing an LEO A person must not obstruct the investigation of a law enforcement officer. $750 fine / 2 minutes in prison Making a false police report A person must not report to police a crime that does not exist. $1000 fine / 1 minute in prison Making false 911 calls A person must not make a 911 call of an emergency that does not exist. $750 fine Thanks @Bronson for writing up these laws. Much appreciated!
  3. Marcus

    Update 2

    Notable changes: * Police computer now works fully as intended with license plate searches. * ANPR Has been fixed for police * Added swat van * Selling personal cars now transfers vehicle data such as bodygroups, colors etc * Fixed a bug where if you sold a personal car all props got deleted (oops) * You can no longer see the speedometer in the passenger seat * You will only receive message to start the car if you are in the driver seat * Car now spawns turned off as intended. * Tutorials, rules added to yPad * Organization panel merged into yPad * Playtime now shows correctly on HUD.
  4. Marcus

    Update 1

    You can now sell your personal vehicles to other players. Head up to second floor in the parking house, press F1 -> Vehicles and select the vehicle you would like to sell. There is a 5% tax on selling cars. * HUD/Money is now correctly displayed. Skateboard has received further restrictions and a speed decrease Random fire spawns have been added Ticketbook has been fixed Police computer fixed HUD Elements and Tazer model should now be added to a new content pack. It is in the workshop collection, but should download when you join the server next time. (Restart is recommended after any new content alteration.) If there are any issues related to the update, feel free to post here: https://predatorrealm.com/index.php?/forum/11-ideas-suggestions/ or send me a message. Enjoy! Content pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2110221531
  5. this guide is not finished yet but unhidden to atleast get started
  6. General Server Rules: 0.1 - Do not attempt to hack / exploit in any way, this will result in a permanent ban from the server and our forums. 0.11 - Exploiting map bugs and server bugs also falls under this category. One example of this is to get out of a jail cell using a skateboard or chair. 0.12 - All bugs must be reported to a staff member. The bug should be reported to the highest ranking staff member online at the time. 0.13 - Report all rule breaking you come across, including friends, org members and staff members. If you do not report rule breaking, you may also be punished. 0.2 - Do not scam. This includes items within the server and from the store. 0.3 - No racism, homophobia or any such form of discrimination. This includes OOC and IC. However, In-Character situations is up to staff discretion to whether you are taking it too far. 0.31 - This includes discriminative bullying. Bullying will NOT be tolerated within our community. 0.5 - You must have sound enabled at all time. Using this as an excuse to not rp is not a valid reason. 0.6 - Attempting to bypass or avoid a ban will result in your ban being extended. If an alt account is used, the alt account will be permanently banned. 0.7 - Promoting another community or server will result in a kick from the server. If this is repeated, a ban will be issued. 0.8 - Spamming is not tolerated. This includes out of character and in character. 0.9 - Be respectful in out of character chat. 0.91 - Do not cause grief to any player or admin in OOC or LOOC. 0.92 - Do not argue with users in OOC 0.93 - Never use any discriminatory terms in OOC. 0.10 - Respect the admins decision. 0.11 - If there are any loopholes in this ruleset, you may not abuse it. Doing so will make you face penalty. 0.12 - English only in OOC Misc Server Rules: 1.1 - Do not PropBlock, PropPush, PropKill or PropClimb 1.2 - Do not FailRP and always abide by FearRP. 1.3 - Keep roleplay PG-13. Thus no mention of nudity or sexual acts. 1.4 - Do not build or walk on top of roofs. (This does not include apartment balconies) 1.5 - Selling in public is allowed, however there is a limit of 3 props at a time. It also needs to be controlled, in a specific area and monitored by the seller. 1.6 - You may not parkour with the use of props/vehicles or step on each others heads. If you can get over a fence if doing so without the items listed above you may do so. 1.7 - Your Roleplay name may not include racist, discriminating or political names. “Doe” is not allowed to have in your name. 1.8 - Avoid Crafting in public areas such as the park. 1.81 - Crafting in government buildings and shops is not allowed. 1.9 - Do not lock spam. (This is to repeatedly lock a door when someone is trying to open it.) This includes opening and closing public doors as well. 1.10 - Use common sense. 1.11 - Do not RDM 1.12 - Do not metagame. This is to use forms of communication which are not monitorable by staff, such as steam, skype etc. This is to also use OOC information for IC purposes and vise versa, for example using a players name above their head, instead of obtaining such information through realistic means. eg ID Check 1.13 - Do not constantly faildrive. 1.14 - The NLR timer is 5 minutes. You may not revisit the same place you have died within 5 minutes of your death. 1.15 - Do not ShitRP. 1.16 - To break a player out of jail you MUST be in the same organization as the person you are breaking out. 1.17 - Wallbanging people is against the rules and is failrp/shitrp. Doors/Windows/Player placed props is allowed. Walls aren’t. 1.18 - Car Deathmatch (Also known as CDM) 1.18.1 - Purposely running over players will get you punished. 1.18.2 - Running in the road and getting killed is not getting CDMed, it’s your fault for not watching for traffic. 1.19 - Don't use F6 (3rd Person) to look around corners in order to use it as an advantage within roleplay. General RolePlay Rules: 2.1 - Stay Alive. 2.11 - This means that you can not put yourself in any unnecessary danger. One example of this is running into the bank while its being robbed. 2.12 - Roleplay events like you would in real life. Eg - If someone is shooting a gun, duck for cover and call the police. 2.13 - Abide by FearRP. This is the use of current emotions and actions parallel to the events which are occurring and acting accordingly. (The fear of being hurt or dying.) 2.2 - Act authentic. 2.21 - Act like someone would in real life, this is a roleplay server after all 2.22 - Use the emergency services. eg - If someone is raiding your property, inform the police. If you see an unconscious person, call for a medic. 2.23 - Do not FailRP. 2.24 - Do not run around not roleplaying or contribute to shitrp. 2.25 - Do not use your skateboard when you are arrested (if you have one) this will be considered FailRP 2.26 - Do not constantly harass players ( eg. constantly raiding/mugging, just because you don’t like the player. ) 2.27 - You may not buy a property that you are not going to use. I.e buying 1 of the apartment buildings, but only using one apartment and so on. 2.28 - You may not steal government vehicles when they are parked at their original spawn point. Ie Police station, Fire station and Hospital. 2.29 - You must not use any vehicle with red & blue or blue ELS lights as a civilian Overall Job Rules: 3.1 - Do not jobfarm. (Spreading fires as fireman, or stand around and wait for people to get drove over as a medic) 3.2 - Stay Alive/Keep others alive. 3.21 - Even if your job is to protect the public. Do not take risks which would result in unnecessary casualties. 3.3 - Do not abuse the equipment you are given as a government official. This includes lights and sirens. 3.4 - Abide by all traffic laws unless you can justify reasons to utilise your exception. 3.5 - Shoot on sight laws are strictly forbidden. 3.6 - Government officials may never finish off a player. They must work to save that players life. Even if the player is a criminal. 3.7 - Use common sense and act accordingly. Police Rules: 4.1 - Act like a law enforcer/peacekeeper. 4.11 - Follow all police procedure. Eg - If you are arresting someone, tell them which law they have broken, identify yourself, search them and justify the arrest. If you are unsure of how to conduct your procedures, ask another officer or as a last resort, a staff member. 4.12 - Put others first. You are the protector of the people. You are here to protect and serve ALL. 4.13 - You may not be privately hired. You work for the government. 4.14 - Use the correct force when required. Use the various tools you are given, however, do not abuse them. Abusing tools given to you will result in a blacklist or a ban. If someone is running away, do not shoot them. Use a taser. 4.15 - Police officers may ask people to drop their weapons if they are illegal. 4.16 - You may only protect the mayor if the mayor has specifically requested police backup. 4.17 - You may only accept bribes once per hour at the maximum amount of 5K. Bribery comes with the risk of IC demotion. 4.18 - Be professional. Do not go around FailRPing. 4.19 - Unless you have sufficient evidence of drugs inside a property, you may not request a warrant to search. Roleplaying as if you can smell drugs is not a justified reason. 4.20 - Use your emergency lighting/sirens responsibly. 4.21 - Max jail time is 30 minutes. 4.3 - If you are raiding a property you have to raid it. You can't just wait outside the building for your fellow officers NLR to be over. Paramedic Rules: 5.1 - Acting accordingly as a paramedic. 5.11 - Respond to every call you are given, if possible. 5.12 - If you see someone in need of medical treatment, help them. Refusing to tend to an injured person falls under failrp. 5.13 - Treat criminals when given permission by law enforcement officer. 5.14 - You cannot be privately hired, you work for the government. 5.15 - Do not abuse the emergency vehicular equipment given to you. (Lights and sirens) and follow all traffic laws where appropriate. Fireman Rules: 6.1 - Acting accordingly as a firefighter. 6.11 - Respond to every call you are given, if possible. 6.12 - Firefighters must stay in the fire station unless called or have a reasonable excuse to exit the station, eg checking a properties fire alarm. 6.121 - If a firefighter sees a fire, they may go and deal with it. 6.13 - Do not abuse the fire axe, use it only for what it is intended for. You may knock down doors at the request of the police or paramedics for law enforcement/medical circumstances. SWAT Rules: 7.1 - Acting accordingly as a SWAT member. 7.1 - Respond to every serious call law enforcement is given, this means SWAT may not respond to calls such as traffic incidents or break-ins. 7.2 - SWAT May only protect the mayor if the mayor asks for extra protection. 7.3 - Only assist in raids if the police force asks for assistance or if its reasonably justified that SWAT is needed. 7.4 - SWAT may patrol, however, they are encouraged not to. 7.5 - When patrolling have your weapon holstered unless it is needed. 7.6 - SWAT team may only raid the same person/group of people once every 30 minutes or if the raid is extremely justified. 7.7 - SWAT are not allowed to enforce traffic laws. However they should report them on the radio for police officers. SWAT may do hard stops on vehicles if they believe the suspects inside are armed. 7.8 - Unless you have sufficient evidence of drugs inside a house, you may not raid/warrant. 7.9 - You can hire an informant, but the minimum fee is $1,000. Tow Truck Driver Rules: 8.1 - Act accordingly as a tow truck driver. 8.2 - You must respond to every call you get, if possible. 8.3 - You may request a maximum of $1000 to fix someone's car. 8.4 - You can tow police vehicles if parked incorrectly UNLESS they have their emergency lights on. 8.5 - Towing a legal vehicle will result in a blacklist. 8.6 - You may request a maximum of $3000 to release someone's impounded car. In the 3000$ fee a free repair is included, if asked for. Basing Rules: 9.1 - Do not use one way vision props such as beds. 9.2 - Do not propblock. You must always have at least one entrance into a property/area. 9.3 - Do not grow drugs or cook meth in commercial/government buildings. 9.4 - You may not use floating props. However, you can have props in the air if they have a realistic support. 9.5 - When in an organisation, you cannot base with orgs that you are at war with. 9.6 - When allied with another org, you are required to post it on the forums. Raiding Rules: 11.1 - Random raids are allowed, meaning the use of /advert is not needed. 11.2 - You must wait 20 minutes to raid any property again after a failed raid, 45 minutes if it was successful. - Successful raids = When you manage to kill everyone, get some loot and get out unscaved. - Unsuccessful raids = Either when you die, get arrested or get no loot. 11.3 - Players with under 12 hours playtime shall not be raided unless they are basing with people OVER 12 hours. If you are unsure - don’t raid. 11.4 - SWAT can raid people with less than 12 hours playtime if they have reason to do so 11.5 - Law enforcement may raid properties if they see illegal weapons/drugs/there is reasonable excuse to do so [eg threat to life.] Criminal Rules: 12.1 - Having a gun doesn’t mean you have to use it/have it out. This goes under failrp/shitrp. 12.2 - Do not break laws just to get attention from law enforcement. eg calling them pigs. 12.3 - If you are under arrest, do what the police say. You are not under arrest until an officer has told you otherwise. 12.4 - You may not kidnap or murder the mayor for no valid reason. For example - The taxes must be at least 40% to validate a kidnap/murder of the mayor. 12.5 - You are required to pull over for traffic violations unless you have done something seriously wrong (Eg. Robbed the bank) 12.6 - You may not threaten a government official for no valid reason. I.e threatening to kill the road crew because he is towing your car. 12.7 - You may not kill someone for stealing/touching your car. You can use other role playing methods, however, you must not kill them. 12.8 - Kidnapping another player in front of law enforcement, or when being chased by law enforcement is considered ShitRP and shouldn’t happen. 12.9 - Pointing a gun at the road crew to release your car is classed as shitrp, do not kill a medic, firefighter or taxi driver for doing their job, simply tell them to stop, if they do not stop, it would be classed as FearRP. 12.91 - Don't get involved in a bank robbery from the outside of the bank, only get involved if you are inside the bank when negotiations are started. Mugging Rules: 13.1 - The max amount of money to ask for when conducting a mugging is $1000. 13.2 - You may not mug government officials. 13.3 - You may not kill the victim if they have given you the money, use other roleplay methods to control them [eg - take their phone] 13.4 - The mugging cooldown timer is 30 minutes. 13.5 - You may not mug the same person twice in a row. 13.6 - Members of the same organisation may not mug the same person twice in a row. Kidnapping Rules: 13.7 - You may kidnap up to a max of 3 people at a time. However, the max amount of money for all hostages is 5k. This is the set money for ALL hostages to be released. Not just one. This rule is set to all of an org. This means 3 people per org/group, not person. 13.8 - The kidnap cooldown is one hour. 13.9 - You may not kidnap the same person twice in a row. 13.91 - You may not kill the hostages if the ransom has been paid. 13.92 - Hostages may only be held for 30 minutes. 13.93 - NPCs are not able to be used as hostages, you need to use a player. GangWar Rules: 14.1 - For a gang war to be initiated, both leaders must agree. 14.2 - You may not camp a specific area/place for a prolonged period of time, just to kill rival gang members. 14.3 - You may not kill rival gang members within the city. This will fall under rdm. 14.4 - There needs to be a suitable reason to start a gang war. 14.5 - If an opposing gang member has a job, you may not kill them for the war. Organisation Rules: 15.1 - You may not betray your organisation. If you have just left your organisation, you may not commit any criminal acts upon them for at least 1 hour. 15.2 - You may not rob the bank with other organisations. 15.2.1 - You can't take/pretend your same organisations members as hostage in any situation. 15.3 - Limit of 8 people per org. This is to stop one or two orgs owning the city. 15.4 - There is a limit of 2 allies per organisation. Gambling Rules: 16.2 - You may only roll up to $1500. This counts for any game that you may come up with. 16.3 - With administrators acceptance, you can gamble up to $15000 Forced Truce Rules: 17.1 - If your organization is in a “Truce” state with another, you may not do each other's organization any harm. I.e stealing their cars, raiding, killing etc... Zombie Event Rules: 18.1 - Max 5 Props per base. 18.2 - No mazes/inaccessible areas or overly complex bases. If an admin asks you to change the base, change it. 18.3 - Max 3 people per base. 18.4 - Bases must be FULLY accessible. (You cannot block any entrances) 18.5 - Explosives may not be used. Owner's/Head Admin may explode bases breaking the rules above. 18.6 - You may not use molotovs or explosives. Frags and Smoke are allowed. 18.7 - Do not hide on roofs or other inaccessible areas. Purge Event Rules: 19.1 - No basing/killing within government buildings. 19.2 - Do not Propclimb/block/kill etc. 19.3 - No laws doesn’t mean no rules. Follow all where/when applicable. 19.4 - Max 3 people per ‘base’. You may only base for the first 10 minutes of the purge. 19.5 - Killing just before/after the purge will get you banned from the event. 19.6 - Do not hide on roofs or other inaccessible areas. Chat Rules: 20.1 - Please type properly in chat using capital letters and full-stops, and avoid using emoticons in the chat. 20.2 - Any kind of metagaming through steam, teamspeak, skype or any other chat client is prohibited. Prison Rules: 21.1 - You may only raid the jails once per hour. 21.2 - You may break out org members regardless, however, you are only allowed to break out allied org members if you have been basing with them prior to their arrest. 22.21 - You may only break someone out of jail when they are physically inside the police station.
  7. Foreword This guide serves as an extensive guide on how to get started with growing weed. Requirements Atleast $8300 Patience Where to start To purchase growing equipment, you will have to enter the shady area of downtown. Upon entering you will be met by 2 vending machines. The green machine serves: All equipment required to grow marijuana The red machine serves: Different weed strains, watering can, cables To start purchasing Press E on the vending machine, and select the following products From the red machine From the green machine Once everything has been purchased Rent an apartment, a house, a business property, and make your way there. When you are at your property, it's time to start growing. Start setting up your 5 pots in a straight line Put your Sodium Lamp above the center plants, and make it high enough so it provides light for all 5 plants Put your fan in a way that it provides wind for all 5 plants. When everything is lined up, it is time to attach the cables Go to your inventory, find your cables and equip them to your secondary slot Use cables on generator and put it to the fan Use cables from the fan to the lamp The water tank You can only spawn 1 water tank at the time, and it can hold up to a maximum of 1000L of water. 1L of water will set you back $1.5. It can only be filled to the maximum amount, so you atleast need to have $1500 on your person to grow a batch of weed. Last step It is now time to start your generator, and fire up the fan and lamps Press E on the button shown until it turns red NOTE! There is a button on the lamp and the fan, these also have to be turned on, but don't deserve 2 separate images. THE SYMBOL WILL BE GREEN WHEN IT IS ON. At this point, your plantation should already be set up, and you are ready to start adding seeds. Open your inventory, and spawn 1 seed of O.G Kush, and 1 soil (NOTE: Once you spawn a seed, it can only be put into a seed bank. You can no longer pick it up into your actual inventory) Add soil to plant pot Use the seed on each plant to start the growing process. When you have added the seed, you have 60 seconds to give the plant enough water to survive. If the plant dies, you lose your soil and your seed.
  8. Holy, so nice to see familiar faces already 😮 Same goes to you @Sparkyjames
  9. Who are you reporting: SteamID?: Time of incident (if known): Why?: Witnesses?:
  10. Welcome! The forum is still being built, feel free to add information where you see fit. Introduction to come.
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