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  1. My personal situation.

    Hello BeepBeepImAJeep (Antonio), We from the PredatorRealm Community gives you and your family our condolences. Eventually you will find a way to get through it all. By then we will welcome you back in the server. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal Message: My Grandfather died of cancer on 1st Christmas day and my Grandmother exactly 5 months later on 25th of may on their wedding day. Also because of Cancer. I know how it feels, but time comes that you will accept it cause they don't have pain no more. Be and stay strong buddy.
  2. Lets meet!

    Hey people, Let's meet at the PERP server and have some fun like old times. All active PERP players come online at 22:00 Dutch Time (Amsterdam). Games (events) with prices included!!
  3. Hola! Greetings from Spain!

    Welcome to the community pleased to meet you!
  4. Future of PERP

    Sad. But hey... we tried.
  5. Hello World

    Haha i did, But i just don't like Racing games i've never liked them. I'll just stick with PERP haha.
  6. Hello World

    Welcome, Unfornately i'm not playing GMR but i whish you lots of fun!
  7. Suddenly Rosey!

    Welcome! Looking forward to see you in the server.
  8. Hello again Predatorrealm!

    Welcome Back!
  9. The Inner Circle

    @Antonio Benevento Great bud!
  10. The Inner Circle

    We serve the dark to prevent the light. "Project Parallax had not been the only thing the Inner Circle had been involved in. There were rows of cabinets, full of files. The serpentine secret society went back a long way, always pulling strings from the shadows." - Brad Gates. Welcome to the Official Inner Circle Thread Who are we? The Inner Circle is a secret society that has influence over organized crime in EvoCity. In 2001, the Inner Circle works with Brad Gates to help take down Nicole Horne and the Masir Corporation. In 2003, the Inner Circle suffers in-fighting between its members and many perish in the society's civil war. The onces who where left secretly operated in the shadows and they are slightly making their announcements now. Description: Similar to many secret societies in popular culture, the Inner Circle is a group of influential figures that have ties to crime, citizens, religion and other institutions of power and wealth that come together privately to further their own agendas. They are also known to use others to complete their objectives, such as using Brad Gates to kill Nicole Horne and dismantle the remnants of the Parallax project. Known members of The Inner Circle: @Alfred Woden - The Leader @Vladimir Lem - Once the boss of a Russian Mafia. For a time he was a student of Woden's but later he became a full member. The story goes that he survived the attack on the Society. Nicole Horne - The new manager of the Parallax project after it was discontinued by the government. Blackmailed Woden into silence. Ordered the field test of Parallax-pumped test subjects. ✞ Killed by Brad Gates. Corcoran - A paunchy senior who is killed before Brad could get the information he needed out of him. ✞ Killed by the Paradox Militia. Senator Sebastian Gate - A member affiliated with Lem. ✞ Killed by Natalie Bax. (Sonya Jackson of Homicide was assigned to his murder) Kaufman - another one of the Inner Circle's members who is joined and tried to kill Brad Gates but he failed. ✞ Killed by Brad Gates. Associates of the Inner Circle: Natalie Bax - An assassin working for Nicole Horne to eliminate Angelo Punchinello and, later, during the civil war of the society, for Alfred Woden. Woden assigns her to kill Brad Gates but she is overcome by her feelings for him. She is either killed by Vladimir Lem or manages to survive. Brad Gates - A fugitive wanted by the police to whom Woden and other members present an offer to eliminate Nicole Horne in exchange for their help exonerating him. Sonya Jackson - A Homicide detective. Has a romantic relationship with Vladimir Lem and leaks any information of the EvoCity PD to him. Later agrees to murder Gates and Bax for Lem but got killed by Gates. ✞ The Italian Mafia - The Italian Mafia has been with the Inner Circle from the start. They where also the reason why Vladimir Lem left his own Russian Mafia as the Italians where bigger & stronger and cause of many differences there was a mob war about to break out. Present Day: Nothing is known of the Inner Circle in the present day. They are working from the shadows and the story goes that Woden brought The Inner Circle alive again. How can you get in contact? Find Alfred Woden around EvoCity to get in contact with him. How can i join The Inner Circle? The Inner Circle doesn't do application formats they invite people when they think they are worth it. They have a strange ritual of inviting people into their Society.
  11. OPIE Staff Updated 2018 Application

    +Support @Gatsby Jefferson is a great player who is active since the beginning and always checked into the server when no-one was on. Also, he is a great guy to play with and he knows how to roleplay. As ive had some several conversations with OPIE about life itself, i've learned that he has alot of life experience. Sometimes he needs to be steered in the right direction but once he knows how to handle he's managing it. As i've never had any trouble or reports about him since i am a staff member is giving him a good shot. Keep doing what you are doing OPIE.
  12. PredatorRealms: The Last Hope Official Staff Board: Management: Owner - @James Holden Co-Owner - @Lou Crawford General Manager - @Jonathan Edwardson Event Manager - OPEN SPOT Administration: Senior Administrator - OPEN SPOT Administrator - OPEN SPOT Moderation: Senior Moderator - OPEN SPOT Moderator - OPEN SPOT Junior Moderator - OPEN SPOT Helping Team: Mapping Team - OPEN SPOT Event Team - OPEN SPOT
  13. Dear PR Players, For the server to start it's ALPHA soon we need a GREAT Staff team with some Experience in MTA:SA. If you are interested in becoming a Staff Member of PredatorRealms: The Last Hope (MTA). You need to fill in the following application format. Copy it and paste it into a new topic and @Jonathan Edwardson Will review them. The Following Ranks are available: Event Manager Senior Administrator Administrator Senior Moderator Moderator Junior Moderator
  14. Server Progress 2

    Hey Everyone due to private issues it's been a while since i posted updates about the MTA:SA Server. New Progress: - Los Santos has been updated to a Post-Apocalyptic Map - Scripts are tested & most are working - Fixing Level System - Fixing Gang & Squad System - Fixing Spawn System - Fixing Log-in screen - Fixing House System - Updating Scripts & ACL. ** The server is Almost in ALPHA state** This means the server will open soon but Bugs & Glitches will appear.
  15. Hax4never Staff App

    I've never seen you online. Also i don't like the app. Maybe if you put more time & effort in it. At question 10 we ask about Serverguard not the server system or any system. You are probably not English (I'm not english too). But work on your grammar. - Support