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  1. Antonio Benevento

    The Italian Mafia

    Applications are open again! feel free to APPLY! Per l´italia!
  2. Antonio Benevento

    Staff application ~ BeepBeepImAJeep

    What is your name? Answer: Jayden Where are you from? Answer: The Netherlands/Holland What timezone are you currently in? (Please use GMT) Answer: GMT+1 Do you currently have a working microphone? Answer: Yes i do How old are you? Answer: I am currently 15 years old as of 17 February (Only answer if under 18) Which of the staff members have recommended you? Answer: None , i decided to make one without a recommendation. I am a well known member of the community so i thought i'd just give it a shot What makes you stand out of the crowd as a staff member? Answer: I am a very patient , kind and funny guy , i would for example join the server at any free-time i have to administrate if no other administrators are on , also i just love helping people out and i do it with fun , even though im not an admin i still help people out , i give new players a bit of money and a gun to start off with for example. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your skills in: I would rate my own administrating skills with a fat 8 , i've had a decent amount of experience in the past. Understanding other peoples opinions The use of any kind of admin mod ( We use Serverguard ) Handling criticism Administrating (If you have experience from before) Being unbiased Answer: 1 = 8 | 2 = 9 | 3 = 8 , critisism is only good , you can improve yourself with it | 4 = 7 | 5 = 8 Tell us about you in-game: What is your current playtime? (Minimum 24 hours) Answer: 12 days , 19 hours and 50 minutes Do you have any previous experiences as a staff member? If yes - please tell where and what kind of admin mod you used: Answer: Yes , i've been an admin on a PERP and 2 darkrpservers , although i have no clue what the mods are called , but i know how to use most administrating mods. Have you ever been kicked/banned or warned by one of our staff members? (If unsure, ask a staff member, they can usually check) Answer: Yes , i have a very bad warning record , i've been banned once for selling in game money as i did not know it was not allowed to benefit yourself with it (Also apologised to marcus for this) anyways , i had no clue it wasnt allowed to use the money yourself and you HAD to donate for that person in exchange for the ingame money as i've seen people selling IGC , not knowing where the money went , the only thing i could think of was themselves. Do you currently have any issues with current staff members and/or community members? If Yes, explain Answer: No i do not , of course there are people i like less and people i like more , only people i did not like at all were ALL members of Slavgang due to their horrible attitude. How would you handle these situations? A new player has just joined the server, and is shouting through his microphone and spamming trash in OOC Answer: I would first off warn him for micspam and tell him not to do it again. Depends what he says in ooc , but if he's constantly spamming stuff like that's over the top innapropriate i would ban him from using OOC . A good friend of yours has broken a rule, and he has been reported by a friend, how would you handle this situation? Answer: Of course it is very hard to handle situations like these as your relationship with that certain friend would be able to drop , anyways i would ask exactly what happened , if necessary ask for evidence and just deal with it fairly , a warning , kick or even a ban would be dealth out if necessary. You are currently roleplaying as a police officer, and you are in the middle of a traffic stop. When you are standing there you receive a report, what do you do? (Multiple choice) A) Continue the roleplay situation and see if any other admins can talk to the rulebreaking player B) Tell the rulebreaking player in OOC to stop breaking the rules, and attend to him when you are free C) Leave the roleplaying situation immediately and attend to the rulebreaker Answer: Depends what rule , if it's for example OOC slander i would simply mute him , if it's RDM and ruining the experience for other players i would go for B. You or a player has found a bug or potential exploit that could ruin the entire server economy, what would you do? Answer: Report it to an admin straight away (I did this when the ruby VIP launched and the /VIP exploit was back. You could constantly spam it and get 250k) Do you have anything to add? Answer: Negative.
  3. Antonio Benevento

    The Italian Mafia

    Accepted. Although you might not be the wealthiest guy out there , in the 2 hours we spent togheter we've had fun , did a 1v1 best out of 3 and you turn out to be a good dude. You were really thankfull for what i gave you and you're fun to hang around with ,welcome bud
  4. Antonio Benevento

    The Italian Mafia

    Anyone under the rank of CONSIGLIERE has to buy a Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe when the level has been reached! The Don and The Consigliere drive a Mercedes G63 AMG!
  5. Antonio Benevento

    [Re-Activated] The Inner Circle

    The Italian Mafia declares you guys Friendly/Neutral!
  6. Antonio Benevento

    The Italian Mafia

    Recruitment is OPEN again! We are currently looking for 2 new members. Feel free to apply!
  7. Antonio Benevento

    The Italian Mafia

    Gustav Lee and Adam Matthews have been KICKED from the organisation due to being inactive for over a month.
  8. Antonio Benevento

    The Italian Mafia

    The Gentlemen's Club is now ''The Italian Mafia''. It will be a completely different organisation style. We will now be a much more serious organisation.
  9. Antonio Benevento

    The Italian Mafia

    The Italian Mafia Is an organisation that started back in Italy , when Vito Corleone had passed away Michael Corleone took over the most powerfull family in Italy. The Corleone Family grew and it didn't stop , there was a day where Michael was done. He gave the Family over to Vincent Corleone in 1976. Vincent Didn't know what he was doing. He tried to dominate and take the power in Italy. So the surviving and best members of the 5 families gathered togheter and decided to start up the one and only ''Italian Mafia'' which of my father : ''Antony ''Corleone'' Benevento'' was the Godfather. Antony knew what he did , within 3 months of the Italian Mafia's existance Vincent Corleone has been assasinated. Due to the knowledge Antony had about the Corleone family he had the ability to do this. In 1989 My father was had been shot in the chest 6 times and passed away 3 days after. He gave me , his son ''Antonio 'Corleone'' Benevento'' the leadership of the Mafia. Now we are here , the finest , ricest and most decent men in Evocity. We came here to dominate and make my father proud. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules and Regulations Never disrespect the godfather , this will result into you getting killed or hunted down. Do not under any circumstances act unprofessional If your fellow ''Family'' members need help , stop what you're doing and help them. Always show respect for those who respect you Never scam , betray or do anything that scum would do. You must be able to supply yourself with the stuff you need. Do not ask us to randomly invite you even if you apply , your application will instantly be denied We do NOT start alliances with any gang, we will only consider alliances with any other Mafia family. An Alliance will cost $150.000 If you whish to join us you need to get an Italian First name If you whish to join us you must change your last name to ''Benevento'' in respect towards the Family As soon as you join you represent the most Decent , richest men in Italy , behave professional or you will get kicked. As soon as you join you will have to buy a Mercedes C63 AMG with black paint ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ranking Ladder The Don : Antonio Benevento Consigliere : Jack Franco Underboss: - Caporegime: - Soldier(s): Jhon Daniel Associate: Emilio Benevento , George Jenkins ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Format: Do you agree to the rules and regulations? How much money do you have in total?: Which cars do you own?: What is your in game rank (VIP)?: How old are you?: Are you a loyal person?: What are our benefits of you joining (What can you provide to us)?: What motivates you to join us (25 Words) How much playtime do you have? What timezone are you in?: What is your steamname?: What is your ingame-name?:
  10. Antonio Benevento

    Hax4never Staff App

    Lol , if he scams you. Why would he do it for only 10? how poor can someone be 2 do that
  11. Antonio Benevento

    The Gentlemen's Club

    The Millionares Club is back like never before! New map , new people , fresh air! We're starting with a clean organisation (Kane won't come back) If you'd whish to apply read the post! Recruitment is OPEN
  12. Antonio Benevento

    The Gentlemen's Club

    The Millionares Club is out of business , we have created a new organisation going by the name ''The Gentlemen's Club''
  13. Antonio Benevento

    The Millionares Club

    The Millionares Club [PLEASE DO REALIZE WE ARE A NEW ORGANIZATION TRYING TO GAIN REPUTATION] ''Hard work pays off'' _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Millionares Club Has been created to give hard growi...... *Cough cough* Working millionaires a chance to become more social and make friends. We make money with Drugs or bitmining , basing is also our main activity so if you're looking to make some cash and have fun this is the organisaton for you! Please note that The Millionares Club is a friendship , everyone is equal. Even the Founder is a friend , not your boss. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules and Regulations Do not disrespect any other organisation OR allied member Do not bring heat to the organisation , this means no disrespect to any organisations we are not in war with. You must own a proper suit You must AT LEAST have 100.000 dollars You must own a luxirious ,new car. You must own a proper suit. You must understand the server rules. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ranking Ladder CEO/Founder : Jayden Benevento Companion : N/A High Class : N/A Middle Class : N/A Low Class : N/A __________________________________________________________________ Allies: The Luppino Family , Falcone Crime Family Enemies: The Lonely Wolfs Neutral : Everyone who is not listed in Enemies __________________________________________________________________ Ranking System (Explanation) High Class: Has a net worth of $ 1.000.000 or more Middle Class : Has a net worth of 350.000 dollars or more Low Class: Has a net worth of 150.000 dollars or more Peasant: Has a net worth of 50.000 dollars or more (It's very rare to get accepted to the organisation as peasant) (Net worth includes cars , weaponry , money and bitmining equipment/drugs) __________________________________________________________________ Application Format: Do you agree to the rules and regulations? Which class do you belong in? Low , middle or High class? How much money do you have in total?: Which cars do you own?: What is your in game rank (VIP)?: How old are you?: Are you a loyal person?: How much playtime do you have? What timezone are you in?: What is your steamname?: What is your ingame-name?: (Copy and paste this into comments if you'd whish to apply!)
  14. Antonio Benevento

    Staff application - BeepBeepImAJeep

    1) Steam Name: PR | BeepBeepImAJeep 2) First Name : Jayden 4) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:101463543 5) Age+BirthDate: I was born on 17th of februari 2003 (14 years old) 6) Tell us about yourself(Hobbies, Skills etc): I'm Jayden i'm 14 years old. I love going to the gym , playing videogames and just going out with friends, kind of the ''regular'' hobby list. Anyways , i live in The Netherlands in a reasonably big city called ''Weert''. My parents own a company where i help a little bit with so i have a slight bit of coding experience (Can only make small pieces of websites) which is a ''skill'' of mine. I'm a very patient and honest person , i love helping people which i do pretty much every day. I at least help 1 new player on the server every day and tell them how to do weed and get themselves further and i want to take this to the next step : joining the staff team. 7) How may we know you?: You guys may know me from Kontaxon Roleplay and of course PredatorRealm (New one). I've been with this community for a bit longer than 1 year i believe. (I'm also online since the morning untill late at night so that's a good thing if i'm staff , sometimes i do not even see a single staff member online for a few hours straight) 8) Do you have any problems with the current staff team: Not at all , infact i like all of the staff members. 9) Do you have any problems with the current community and its members: No , i can get along with almost everyone and i try to stay cool to everyone. I had a bad reputation but that stuff has all been solved. 10) Are you familiar with serverguard?: No , but i hope you guys will teach me about it if i get accepted. Otherwise i can just look up youtube tutorials. 11) How do you intend to use the powers given to you?: I intend to use the powers given to me in a fair way and only when it's needed. I'm not the type of guy to join the server and then fly to the car dealer. I'll still take my skateboard. 12) How do you intend to support the staff team and its ranking system?: I will use all the time i have to support and help to actually support and help. I will try my best on doing a bit more work than the rest. I'm a patient guy and i honestly don't mind doing sits that last 30 minutes to an hour. As i said i love helping people out and if i get asked ''Can you do this sit for me , Jayden?'' i will kindly say yes. 13) How long are you willing to dedicate?: Untill the server gets down , i'm willing to support and help this community gaining new players as long as that's needed. 14) Are you a member of staff for any other community?: I am not , i have been staff on multiple servers but i resigned on most of them and some even closed down.
  15. Antonio Benevento

    Liam's Staff Application Version 2

    +Support Always keeping the server clean from rulebreakers already. Has alot of knowledge about the rules and is a nice person in general.