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  1. Hola! Greetings from Spain!

    Welcome! Nice to meet you, hope you have fun!
  2. Suddenly Rosey!

    Welcome! Glad to have you here
  3. T1nkuhTV's Firefighter Application

    +Support Pretty active as fireman and he knows what hes doing.
  4. Adam Matthews - CPT Application - 12/02/18

    Accepted Callsign CPT 201
  5. liams captain app

    On Hold - Due to disciplinary request
  6. Leto Svet's Sergeant Application

    Declined We feel like we haven’t seen enough police RP to decide. RP more and reapply
  7. Shuff Lee LT Application 02/05/2018

    Accepted! Your new call sign is “LT 303”
  8. Update

    What do you mean “you have to be a set certain RP Level” do you think we chose what level people are? Also, not sure how it’s discriminating either. Everyone will have to start at lvl 0 and have to work their way up.
  9. We need YOU!

    Just because it may seem dead doesn’t mean Marcus’s will to keep the community up is dead, he’s clearly trying to bring it back. And like Marcus said, we’re going to keep the community open for the players who still want to play.
  10. So what now?

    One issue is that the server list for DarkRP only lists the first 100 servers and they list them by ranking. There are 2068 servers listed in DarkRP. People are not going to just stumble across it. If you wanna find the server in the DarkRP game mode list you actually have to add 'PR' to the search to even find it in the list.
  11. Roster

    Updated - 12/7/17 Added Bob Stoned & Nick Luppino to Chief Added Titan Parker to Sergeant Please make sure to check your new callsigns!
  12. Titan Parker's SGT Application

    Callsign changed to "411" Chief Bob 1-B
  13. ban for logan

    User has been banned for 2 days.
  14. New drug system poll

    Removing the meth limit would make the economy sky rocket. The way the meth system is now is perfect. If you know how far to place the meth then you can get a lot of money.
  15. car bombs not working

    Ill look into the car bomb issue, I can refund you tonight when I get on.