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  1. JS2-Fin

    Mod app for Gmod Racer

    I’ll definitely play tomorrow, planned earlier to do so already today. Apparently all my time went to other stuff..
  2. JS2-Fin

    Mod app for Gmod Racer

    I’d say you get my +Support. I definitely would like to have a chat with you on steam sometime, like tomorrow 🐉
  3. Hello everyone, This topic shall lead us to develope best possible prestige system for our gmr. For people who dont know what prestige is, its kind of "supertuning" after car is normally maxed out. In some versions it works so that you first tune car to max, then buy prestige and it unlocks one prestige part + resets car to completely stock. Meaning player will have to buy the tuning parts all again and then gets also that extra prestige part. And after maxing out first prestige, theres then more prestiges, which also does same cycle, unlocks one more prestige part and resets car to stock. Thats shortly one version, but is it good one? So naturally this means there is a lot more to achieve with prestige system. But first of all, we need to know how to do this. What kind of prestige parts we shall get it? What should those parts do? Requirments to get prestige? Prices of prestiges? What should the UI look like for it? And how to make it all fair as possible for new players? So bring up your ideas for us!