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  1. Anton

    Trav Staff Application

    +1 I like what I've seen before!
  2. Anton

    Leto Svetˇs Ban Appeal

    Accepted! You are on thin ice, so be careful and do not break any rules, otherwise you will be permanent banned again!
  3. Anton

    Anton Staff Application

    What is your name? Answer: Anton Where are you from? Answer: Sweden What timezone are you currently in? (Please use GMT) Answer: UTC +2CEST Do you currently have a working microphone? Answer: Yes How old are you? Answer: 18 (Only answer if under 18) Which of the staff members have recommended you? Answer: On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your skills in: Understanding other peoples opinions The use of any kind of admin mod ( We use Serverguard ) Handling criticism Administrating (If you have experience from before) Being unbiased Question 1: 9 Question 2: 10 Question 3: 9 Question 4: 10 Question 5: 9 Tell us about you in-game: What is your current playtime? (Minimum 24 hours) Answer: I have over 1month playtime ingame. Do you have any previous experiences as a staff member? If yes - please tell where and what kind of admin mod you used: Answer: I have got experiences as staff member, for few years ago, i was admin on a darkrp server called "Solitude Gaming" till they shut down. Also ex staff member on PredatorRealm. Have you ever been kicked/banned or warned by one of our staff members? (If unsure, ask a staff member, they can usually check) Answer: No, i haven't been kicked, banned or warned. Do you currently have any issues with current staff members and/or community members? If Yes, explain Answer: No, i dont have any issues with the current staff members. How would you handle these situations? A new player has just joined the server, and is shouting through his microphone and spamming trash in OOC Answer: First i would spectate and see if he is free for an situation then i would teleport and ask this dude what he is doing, and tell him it isn't okay to mic spam and trash spamming in ooc, if he continue i will take action, will start of with a kick, > kick > ban and so on. I will keep an eye on him. A good friend of yours has broken a rule, and he has been reported by a friend, how would you handle this situation? Answer: First I would spectate and see if he is free for an situation and bring both of them to a roof, and ask what he had done wrong, if he admit, I will let him go with a warning if he continues i will start to give him a warning, and so on. I will keep an eye on him to see if he just around to minge. You are currently roleplaying as a police officer, and you are in the middle of a traffic stop. When you are standing there you receive a report, what do you do? (Multiple choice) A) Continue the roleplay situation and see if any other admins can talk to the rulebreaking player B) Tell the rulebreaking player in OOC to stop breaking the rules, and attend to him when you are free C) Leave the roleplaying situation immediately and attend to the rulebreaker Answer: B You or a player has found a bug or potential exploit that could ruin the entire server economy, what would you do? Answer: I would tell a staff member, about the bug. Do you have anything to add? Answer: Have a good day =)
  4. Anton

    GMR Prestige system ideas

  5. Anton

    Hax4never Staff App

    You're not allowed to sell ingame cash for real life money
  6. Anton

    PR Photos

    Hello! Here you can post pictures that you have from predatorrealm.
  7. Anton

    Trailer for PredatorRealm?

  8. Thank you very much, i appreciate that.
  9. Anton

    New RV

    Lmao, i remember it, and i was also growing in there
  10. Anton

    oG - invite only

    Hello. I'm interested to join your organisation.
  11. Anton

    PR - Old Days

    u there boiii
  12. Anton

    PR - Old Days

  13. Anton

    Reevesy - PR Staff Application

    +Support I like what i saw from you last time.