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  1. Ronanb123

    Trav Staff Application

    +1 hes good
  2. Ronanb123

    Ronanb123 - staff application

    What is your name? Answer: Ronan Leonard Where are you from? Answer: England What timezone are you currently in? (Please use GMT) Answer: BST Do you currently have a working microphone? Answer: I do How old are you? Answer: 18 (Only answer if under 18) Which of the staff members have recommended you? Answer: What makes you stand out of the crowd as a staff member? Answer: I have been staff on predatorrealm many times (I didnt get demoted, the server was on a break) and also played here as a user for probably 3-4 years or more, I am quite educated when it comes to this server as far as rules go and how the server works, I can help people who have problems with their game, reports or even people who just need a helping hand when they are new to the server On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your skills in: Understanding other peoples opinions The use of any kind of admin mod ( We use Serverguard ) Handling criticism Administrating (If you have experience from before) Being unbiased Question 1:9 Question 2:9 Question 3:10 Question 4:10 Question 5:10 Tell us about you in-game: What is your current playtime? (Minimum 24 hours) Answer: Probably looking at around 2 month playtime Do you have any previous experiences as a staff member? If yes - please tell where and what kind of admin mod you used: Answer: I have been a head admin on an old darkRP server, it didn't last too long due to lack of donations, I was also an admin on predatorrealm so I am quite experienced with being staff. Have you ever been kicked/banned or warned by one of our staff members? (If unsure, ask a staff member, they can usually check) Answer: I haven't been kicked, banned or warned (maybe from marcus once trolling) Do you currently have any issues with current staff members and/or community members? If Yes, explain Answer: I am friends with the majority of the staff team, not meaning I have problems with anyone else I just dont know them too good yet. How would you handle these situations? A new player has just joined the server, and is shouting through his microphone and spamming trash in OOC Answer: A good friend of yours has broken a rule, and he has been reported by a friend, how would you handle this situation? Answer: As a moderator on predatorrealm I like to think that I don't really act bias, so if my friend was breaking rules and was reported I would deal with it as I would any other player: I would first spectate him and see what he is doing, if he's not in a roleplay situation I would bring him to somewhere out of the way of other people and tell him what he is doing isn't tollerated and further action will be taken if he carries on, I would return him to his previous location and keep an eye on him, if he carried on I would proceed to kick him, if he carries on again he would be kicked a 2nd time, if he continued doing what he's doing I would ban him from the server You are currently roleplaying as a police officer, and you are in the middle of a traffic stop. When you are standing there you receive a report, what do you do? (Multiple choice) A) Continue the roleplay situation and see if any other admins can talk to the rulebreaking player B) Tell the rulebreaking player in OOC to stop breaking the rules, and attend to him when you are free C) Leave the roleplaying situation immediately and attend to the rulebreaker Answer: B) Tell the rulebreaking player in OOC to stop breaking the rules, and attend to him when you are free You or a player has found a bug or potential exploit that could ruin the entire server economy, what would you do? Answer: If someone reported a bug to me ingame that was potentially server breaking I would tell marcus directly, however, I would also walk the person who reported the bug through the process of reporting a bug on the forums incase a member of staff isn't on the server when they find the bug Do you have anything to add? Answer: #trav4mod2
  3. Ronanb123

    Yo ronan

  4. Ronanb123

    Spreadsheet for crafting

    alright thanks for that
  5. Ronanb123

    Spreadsheet for crafting

    I just checked, I think it has been fixed, sales tax is back to 5%
  6. Ronanb123

    Spreadsheet for crafting

    I'll change it to 33% then, thanks for that
  7. Ronanb123

    Spreadsheet for crafting

    That is on 0 tax, I will change it to 5% now
  8. Ronanb123

    Spreadsheet for crafting

    I never claimed it to be special, it just shows how much is costs overall for the item, this can be usefull for when you want to know how much money you need out to make "x" ammount of whatever you want
  9. Ronanb123

    Spreadsheet for crafting This spreadsheet has the prices of everything that you might need, if I have missed anything feel free to comment and I will add it
  10. Ronanb123

    Driving Ban Request

    I mean perhaps I do drive fast sometimes, however when I am in the city I drive normal when possible. Regarding what you said about me ramming you for no reason, that is complete utter bullshit, I may have rammed you but I am certain there has been an RP reason for it. The only time I have "Cop baited" was when I pulled up at the side of the road to type to my friend and a cop just so happened to drive around the corner, though I explained this to jake. I am sorry if me driving out of city limits at a higher speed than the speed limit has ruined your roleplaying experiences, but I dont see how that is possible to be quite honest. And if I ever do speed like you are describing, I do it when there is literally 2-3 people on the server and that is like me and a friend. if you find some evidence go ahead and upload it though mate
  11. Ronanb123

    PR - Old Days

    adthemad and @Alex Dawn
  12. Ronanb123

    PR - Old Days

    damn this was some time ago
  13. Ronanb123

    PR - Old Days

    Just a few from years ago
  14. Ronanb123

    PR - Old Days