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PR | Scythe

Scythe's Moderator Application Reborn

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Tell us about you:

What is your name?

Scythe - Jonathan

Where are you from?

England - UK

What timezone are you currently in? (Please use GMT)

GMT Exactly

Do you currently have a working microphone?

Yes I Do Have A Microphone But Tend Not To Use It, It's Clearer And Easier For Players To Understand In What's Going On If I Type - I Can Type Quickly By The Way

How old are you?

19 Years - 2 Months

What makes you stand out of the crowd as a staff member?

I Enjoy Moderating Servers (Strange Hobby I Know), I Have Quite A Fair Amount Of Administration Experience On Servers, Started My First Admin Role Around Five Years Ago On A Minecraft Server

I Have Moved On From That Towards Garry's Mod Where I Was Allocated Role Of Admin On Various DarkRP Servers, I Only Administrate One Server At A Time And Try To Do It For As Long As I Can (I Stop Being Admin Because Servers Shut Down (Like This One Before ;) )

I Know How To Deal With Player No Matter What Age / How Rude They Can Be, I Will Use Appropriate Tools

I Have A Great Understanding Of Most Admin Systems - Server Guard, FAdmin, AssMod, ULX / ULIB, Dradmin (My Personal One Hehe)

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your skills in:

Understanding other peoples opinions

The use of any kind of admin mod ( We use Serverguard )

Handling criticism

Administrating (If you have experience from before)

Being unbiased  


Question 1:     8

Question 2:     9

Question 3:     8

Question 4:     8

Question 5:     7



Tell us about you in-game:

What is your current playtime? (Minimum 24 hours)

24 Hours - Was Around One Month Before The Reset A Few Months Ago, Had 2 Months On The Reset Before That, So A Solid 3 Months ;)

Do you have any previous experiences as a staff member? If yes - please tell where and what kind of admin mod you used:

Yes I Do

Head Admin - CityRP - Disbanded

Moderator - Parkour Server

Moderator - Predator Realm PERP ;)

Have you ever been kicked/banned or warned by one of our staff members? (If unsure, ask a staff member, they can usually check)

If You Count Between November 2017 And Today - No

If You Count When I Was Six Years Younger - Yes - I Have Matured (Mostly)

Do you currently have any issues with current staff members and/or community members? If Yes, explain

I Don't Have "Issues" With Other Staff Members, I Just Feel That They're Going Under Alot Of Stress Sometime, Getting Asked By Young Players Over And Over Again Whilst Already In A Sit Can Be Annoying, That's Why I Want To Help, The More Admins There Are, The Easier / Quicker To Respond To Reports


How would you handle these situations?

A new player has just joined the server, and is shouting through his microphone and spamming trash in OOC

Ask Him Politely To Quieten Down In OOC And To Try Not Be So Aggressive, Also Tell Him It's A Rule And If They Carry On Doing It They'll Be Muted Or Even Kicked Depending On The Circumstances

A good friend of yours has broken a rule, and he has been reported by a friend, how would you handle this situation?

Depends On Who The "Friend" Is, If It's Just A Normal Friend I Am Okay In Punishing Them - Remember When I Banned My Friend BeepBeepImAJeep - (I Have No Human Emotions)

Just Kidding, It Was Hard To Do, But At The End Of The Day He Broke The Rules And It Is My Reponsibility To Be A Good Staff Member

If It Was Someone I Loved (EG My Girlfriend) Then I Would Ask Another Admin To Maybe Take Care Of The Situation, Otherface Face Breaking Up With Her

You are currently roleplaying as a police officer, and you are in the middle of a traffic stop. When you are standing there you receive a report, what do you do? (Multiple choice)

A) Continue the roleplay situation and see if any other admins can talk to the rulebreaking player

B) Tell the rulebreaking player in OOC to stop breaking the rules, and attend to him when you are free

C) Leave the roleplaying situation immediately and attend to the rulebreaker

None Of The Above - I Would Tell My Fellow Roleplayers That I Got A Report To Attend To, If I Am Blocking The Road I Will Remove My Props, Then Respond To The Report, Can't Leave A Mess In The City If I'm Not There, If It Is Possible I Would Ask Another Officer To Carry On Without Me While I Assess The Report - I'd Say That I Could Respond To A Report In This Scenario Within 5 - 20 Seconds

You or a player has found a bug or potential exploit that could ruin the entire server economy, what would you do?

If I Have Found The Exploit, Tell Marcus About It So He Can Fix It ASAP, If Someone Else Finds It, Tell Them Not To Do It And That Continiung To Exploit Or Telling Other Players About The Exploit Will Result In Their Punishment - Anything From A Mute To A Kick To Even A Ban


Do you have anything to add?

I Have Been Moderator On This Server Before

Sexy Scythe <3

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Hi Scythe and thanks for your application!

Your application has been accepted due to your excellent (jks) moderating skills, see you in-game!



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