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Changelog 0.1.9

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  • Almost all car prices have changed, complete pricelist here (Please note that some of these vehicles are also government / org / vehicles that may not be public too) 
  • Set inventory stack limit of the new Meth and Mining equipment to 15 per item. This should free up much more inventory space.
  • Added a limit to spawning melters. 1 for User-Platinum 2 for Diamond - Ruby
  • Added trailer pack to the content, there will shortly be a feature available to purchase a trailer so you can transport crates mined to your base.
  • Re-enabled fuel system (Thanks to Bronson Newton (rpname) for pointing out the "issue")
  • Added limit to spawning meth combiners. 1 for User - Gold 2 for Platinum 3 for Diamond - Ruby
  • You now receive XP from selling meth (Received at dropoff point).
  • Misc bug fixes



  • Old Meth system removed





As always, check out our live changelog here, to get updates on what we're currently working on!


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